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Lost Labyrinth


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“Nimbus” of the Cutting Room Floor As an artist, the process which I take is fulfilling yet painstaking. I spend countless hours, days, months, even years working on a piece. I create, destroy, recreate several versions of my series. I often find myself working on a piece to later scrap the idea completely because my aspirations lead me elsewhere. These beautiful pieces were abandoned on The Cutting Room. **Please Note** The design is an original I created in my home-based shop in New York. Each and every piece is designed, painted, stained, and glued by hand. Each layer is cut with the assistance of a CO2 laser cutter and is constructed from various pieces of wood. Measurements: 16x16


Wood, Paint



Care Instructions

When caring for your artwork, dust lightly. Avoid using wood cleaners or other chemical cleaners as this may damage the finish.