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Catherine's Wheel (edition of 6)

Catherine's Wheel (edition of 6)

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Catherine's Wheel (edition of 6)

This piece began as a tribute to the most distinguishing characteristic of Gothic Architecture, the centerpiece; the round window with the stained-glass motif commonly known as The Rose Window, lesser-known as Catherine’s Wheel.

However, the meaning behind the piece evolved beyond the original design. It wasn’t fashioned after a specific chapel but the history behind its namesake. Of how our own perceptions and emotions of the world around us in a given moment can shape and create entirely different meanings.

Initially, I began creating The Rose Window whose name is just that, the beautiful simplicity of the geometric flower petals unfolding perfectly filling the shape of the window. The soft brilliant curves reflected a calmer view of the world.

And such as life, the world does not always have rosy symmetry, but rather jagged and dark edges. I found myself breaking the frame of the round window with sharp dramatic arches, just like the breaking wheel in the fabled execution of martyr, Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The brooding transformation challenged me to address how my own perception of the world around me influenced the work.

At times, I see The Rose Window and at others, I see Catherine's Wheel.

Please Note:

These are original pieces of artwork created in a limited-edition series of 6. Each piece is signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

A wooden keyhole is installed in the back of the piece for easy hanging. 

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