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Lost Labyrinth

Cassini (edition of 10)

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This piece was inspired by sacred geometry and the hexagon, signifying opposing energies that manifest calm and stability. I’ve entitled this piece "Cassini" after the voyager mission to the great gas giant, Saturn, where a hexagonal cloud pattern was discovered on the northern pole of the planet. This cloud pattern formed a golden vortex which draws anything on the surface into its core but the hexagon allows it to remain as a stabilized storm. I strived to create a design that would draw the viewer into the calm within the storm.

Please Note:

These are original pieces of artwork created in a limited-edition series of 10. Each piece is signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A French Cleat is installed on the back of each piece with illustrated instructions and hardware.

Within this series, the piece is illuminated by LED lights transforming the viewer's experience with different effects and colors. The light features can be controlled via the download of a free app or with the provided remote.


Wood, Paint



Care Instructions

When caring for your artwork, dust lightly. Avoid using wood cleaners or other chemical cleaners as this may damage the finish.