Matt C Ellis


Artist Statement

Matthew Ellis’s recent works examine the discrimination and displacement of individuals by society. His intimate portraits put a face to the problems created by our modern culture’s de-humanization and alienation of homeless individuals. When portraying these people’s powerful personalities, Ellis hopes to show the beauty in someone that may have otherwise been overlooked.

The artist’s past works include ideas of death and our culture’s commonplace, yet sometimes strange ideas of morality. In these works the artist combines everyday materials with bone, both human* and animal. Within this process, Ellis encourages the viewer to question his or her own perceptions about the human condition. Process is also an integral part of the work within the creation and the experience, resulting in self-reflection and self-awareness.

A graduate of the City College of New York and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Matthew Ellis has been practicing his artwork for over fifteen years, and currently resides in Queens, New York.

*All materials have been obtained by legal and ethical means.